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If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 1-800-273-TALK

Getting Started


There are many excellent resources available on the web to help you get started on suicide prevention actions in your community. Rather than duplicate those resources, we will share some simple steps and tips for community mobilization, and provide the web addresses of other resources that explore these topics in greater depth.

We recognize that you come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. You may be a suicide survivor who wants to mobilize your community to take action to prevent similar tragedies. You may be a member of a coalition of community stakeholders in suicide prevention with past success in community mobilization. You may simply be looking for suicide prevention information or training. We hope that you find useful information in this section and under the Resources section of our main menu.

Getting Started contains three sections:

  1. Get Going
  2. Take Action
  3. Get Results

Getting Started is intended to be a quick-start or refresher guide for community mobilization relating to suicide prevention. To a see step-by-step guide, click on “Suicide Prevention Implementation Guide” in the main menu.