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If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 1-800-273-TALK

Menu of Suicide Prevention Actions

In 2007, the Florida Statewide Office Suicide Prevention, the Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council, and other stakeholders brainstormed actions to promote the Florida Suicide Prevention Strategy.

First, participants responded to the statement “In order to move the Florida Suicide Prevention Strategy into ongoing community programs and/or initiatives, a specific activity/task that should/must occur is... ” Participants sorted the responses into categories. They then rated each response for importance and ease of implementation. Using well-established statistical procedures, concept mapping software identified group averages for the information collected. (Download report)

To see the 125 action steps identified by brainstorm participants, click on any of the six categories listed below. As you browse through the actions, keep in mind that you and your community may have rate and sort the actions differently. Therefore, we suggest that you browse through the entire menu to select actions which best meet the needs of your community and to stimulate additional ideas for yourself, your organization, or your community.

Suicide prevention actions grouped by individual, group or entity

Suicide prevention actions by category